Can you Raise Funding for your Non-Profit with DS Domination?

Raising money for non-profits is not an easy task. You want to be sure you are utilizing all the resources that the internet provides to be successful.

Ever heard of using a website to raise money?

The guys at DS Domination are confident they can teach you the required skills to get your site making money in just a few weeks.

So is DS Domination the next killer opportunity?

Nah. Probably not.

Here’s why: online MLMs are usually flashes in the pan. No exceptions.

What was the ‘hottest new thing’ in 2012 (ask 300,000 disgruntled affiliates) has slowly disintegrated into something as desirable as belly button lint in 2015.

Next stop, oblivion.

So why should ‘the next shiny new deal’ be any different? (It’s not)

Look, you’ve probably never heard of me, but I’m not a hater.

I don’t want the company to tank. I really don’t.

But history tells us otherwise.

Much like other ‘opportunities’ who have come and go before it (Wake Up Now, Vemma, MOBE, Internet Lifestyle Network, Empower Network), I’ll guarantee you this time next year DS Domination would have bit the dust just the same.

Much like hype and high-5s right before the real estate, internet or oil bubble burst, anything build on speculation and selling air to others, just isn’t a sustainable business model.

By the time the average dude gets in and tries to promote the business, you’d have 50,000 dudes you’re competing against, each and every single one of them selling the same business opportunity.

Like selling noodles in China. Can you just IMAGINE the competition?

Am I saying it’s impossible to make money? Of course not.

It’s definitely possible – if you’re Tiger Woods of the internet marketing world.

Phil Mickelson? Sure.

Bubba Watson? Eh, maybe you’ll get a couple of sales or two.

For everyone else, you’re like Leonidas staring at the Persian army, without your 300 to back you up.

Do me a favor and watch for this pattern: In every company you see, I guarantee you that there’s gonna be that one whale, just swallowing up every lead and sale like plankton.

Take a look and really ask yourself, can you even come close to replicating what they’re doing?

If the answer’s no, then stay the hell away from the MLM and network marketing industry.

If you check any of the following boxes:

  • You’re an elite marketer who has prior success to MLMs and affiliate type deals
  • You’re great with people, are absolutely shameless and know how to sell
  • You know how to get your website ranked for the most competitive keywords on Google page 1 (Trust me, you probably don’t)
  • You somehow discovered a secret internet traffic source nobody else knows about
  • You have a long list of bonuses that will encourage other people to choose joining your team, over everybody else’s

… then go ahead, you might just have a shot.

For everyone else? It’s a blood bath.

Last point: I get the temptation.

Drop shipping and taking advantage of the grey arbitrage seems to be the ‘in’ thing to do today.

But if I were to bet my long term online income on the fact that a $60b company like Amazon isn’t gonna wake up one morning and crush drop shippers like annoying flies, I’d probably lose my shirt.

Put it this way: if the head of eBay went ‘Gee, I really don’t like those drop shipping guys,’ by midday you’ll be back to square one.

Am I saying it’s going to happen? No.

But if there was a remote possibility I’d wake up one fine morning and discover my business has been terminated because I violated Amazon policies, I’m giving it a wide berth.

I’m not risking it.

I wanna be in control. I’m OCD like that – I like doing my own thing.

A Better Way

This isn’t an MLM, so there really isn’t a personal agenda (also known as profits) behind it.

I’m only promoting this program because I’ve seen first hand how many people have failed in almost every ‘opportunity’, and what this coaching can help seemingly ordinary people achieve.

Yes, for maybe the first time ever, you don’t need to be an expert marketer or a long list of bonuses or fabulous sales skills to get results.

So what exactly are we even doing?

In a nutshell, we help local businesses (think your local plumber, electrician and limo driver) get more sales and business using the internet.

There’s actual value to what we’re selling here – think about it this way: if we can bring in an extra $10,000 to your local dentist per month (which is like, one crown filling patient or a couple of wisdom tooth extractions), it’s not a stretch to get the dentist to pay you $1,500.

It’s a business model built on rock and true value, where you actually have clients. You’re not selling health supplements, or fancy get rich quick opportunities, and hype and the ‘promise of a better life’ most MLMs do.

Just something to keep in mind if you are struggling to raise money for your non-profit. Hope you learned something.