A Life-Changing Experience – How Studying in the United States May Change Your Life

img12The U.S. hosts more international students than any other country. The initial goal for most of these international students is usually getting a piece of the high-quality American education. However, most of them eventually realize that there are many more benefits of studying in the US than just the education; the experience opens up the door to numerous social, economic, and personal benefits and opportunities.

So, what exactly does one have to gain from studying in the United States? Here are three reasons why studying in the U.S. will change your life.

1. A Change of Perspective

Different countries have different ways of living, and the U.S. boasts of being one of the most industrialized and civilized countries. To this end, many international students find life in the U.S. to be very different from their home countries, but most eventually adapt and embrace the American way of life with significant benefits.

Learning and embracing the American culture will change your perspective on the society and make you more open and tolerant to other people. One of the beauties of the U.S. is that it is a mix of diverse cultures and personalities that challenge a limited view of life. It will also benefit your economically as the level of industrialization as well as the promotion of entrepreneurship will improve your perspective on doing business. At the end of it all, you will be another member of the free world with a wealth of education and American inspiration to make the most out of life both at home and abroad.

2. Learn the Language of the World

img3English has become the preferred language for international communication as it is not only widely spoken but also emanates from the two most influential continents: the U.S. and Europe. Knowing the language, therefore, opens one up to numerous opportunities.

Unfortunately, the language is not easy to learn especially for non-native English speakers, and most international students seeking to study in the U.S. often have only a basic understanding of the language when they first arrive. This, however, changes after several months spent communicating and socializing with the language’s custodians.

Studying in the US, hence, gives you the perfect opportunity to improve your English speaking skills to read, write, and speak it flawlessly. This, in turn, opens up a wealth of international business opportunities since, as mentioned, English is the language of business. Socializing also becomes much easier and fun as communication becomes flawless.

3. Better Career Opportunities

img2A good-quality education alone is sufficient to make you stand out from other job seekers. However, a good education coupled with international experience (in this case, experience living and learning in the U.S.) is simply unbeatable.

There are several reasons why studying in the US will open up not only more but also better career opportunities for you back at home. To start with, the U.S. education system is ranked as the best and most advanced in the world. Rather than teaching generally accepted concepts without a solid knowledge foundation, universities in the U.S. combine their lessons with research and good learning facilities to create the ideal learning environment. Additionally, adopting the U.S. way of life equips one with strengths such as being independent and a problem solver; these are values that create not only a good employee but also a potential leader.

There are also career opportunities available in the U.S. for international students. International students who clock in at least 9 months of learning and attain a degree can receive an Optional Practical Training permit that lets them work in the U.S. for at least one year; this also gets them one step closer to possibly becoming U.S. citizens if they desire to.


img19Studying in the US is a coveted experience by many foreign students, and rightly so because it changes lives for the better. It improves you personally and individually by making you mentally strong and open to the world. It also opens up doors to career opportunities back at home that would prove elusive otherwise. And, finally, it opens up the world to you by perfecting your English.

Many other life-changing benefits of learning in the US also abound. You could get to expand your circle of friends and business acquaintances or even find love; you never know.