Importance of Embracing Foreign Talent – What the U.S. has to Gain from Overseas Talent

img25There is no question about America’s greatness or its potential to be greater. Nevertheless, there is also no question about the excellence of other countries in diverse fields such as medicine, education, and technology, just to mention a few. Unfortunately, the self-centered view of some Americans prevents them from observing and recognizing the excellence of certain aspects of foreign countries and just how beneficial it can be for the U.S. to embrace some of the outstanding foreign talents.

As unfortunate as it is to admit, America’s greatness among the developed countries is slowly fading away; that is why some politicians garner so much support by proposing to “make America great again”. However, America cannot be great again without liaising with other countries. Here are some reasons why it is important to bring overseas talent to America.

Every Country has its Strengths and Shortcomings

img12America is indeed great, but it is not perfect. To this end, while the U.S. excels in certain areas such as technology, it also lags behind in areas such as health care when compared to other countries such as France. Now, while it helps to be proud of country, it does not help to ignore the fact that Americans may have something to gain by learning from foreign talent. For example, embracing France’s talent and expertise in the healthcare industry would benefit the wellness and wellbeing of numerous Americans.

Although individuals may not realize the truth in this, American businesses certainly do. American companies excel on the international stage because of, among other things, benchmarking on foreign competition and emulating some of their best practices.

A Fresh Perspective

img7Culture is one of the most influential factors that determine whether a country excels or not. For example, the U.S. excels in public expression because of its cultural belief on equality, freedom, and fundamental human rights. China, on the other hand, excels in mathematics and sciences because of its deep-rooted cultural belief in respect for teachers (teachers in China are regarded highly in society).

Unfortunately, America’s culture at times blinds it from identifying a better way of doing things. In most cases, Americans do not even realize it until they visit other countries or interact with foreigners. Although it is not plausible to shed certain aspects of the American culture, it is nevertheless possible to get a fresh perspective of doing things by embracing foreign talent.

Foreign talent will open American’s eyes to their shortcomings and unforeseen opportunities. And, considering the ingenuity of the numerous unique personalities in the U.S., you can be guaranteed that there will be a way to make something good out of such perspectives and opportunities.

Job Creation

img6One of the motivations behind the growing resentment toward foreigners in America is the idea that they steal job opportunities. This could not be further from the truth; in fact, foreigners working in America do not steal jobs but rather create more job opportunities.

Foreigners with exceptional talent who manage to land jobs in U.S. companies end up not only adding value to the company but also creating more job opportunities. Bill Gates observed this when he admitted that every foreign employee in his company required the support of about 4 more new employees. In most cases, these are home-grown employees who are needed to get the foreigner in line with the way of doing things in the company and country as a whole.

Additionally, not all talented foreigners end up on a company’s payroll; some foreigners put their talent to work using their entrepreneurship skills. This land of opportunity proves conducive for businesses, and when they eventually grow they demand more employees hence creating job opportunities. What’s more, some of the unique ideas conjured by foreigners fuel the ambitions and ideas of natives who also generate income from them.


Like many other developed countries, the U.S. needs a significant chunk of foreign labor to maintain a steady growth. However, to truly maintain its position on the global stage and overcome some of its shortcomings, it needs to understand and accept that other countries are also advancing and may have something to teach. The answer is not to lock out foreign talent, but rather to embrace it and put it to work enhancing the U.S.’s growth and development.