Lifestyle Changing Diet: 13 Uses And Benefits Provided By Pruvit Keto OS

Keto OS is a natural weight loss and sustained energy product by Pruvit. They has established itself as a trusted name globally. Pruvit is a line of powered weight loss drinks. It was first introduced in 2012. With positive customer reviews and natural ingredients, Ketos OS can be obtained directly from the official website and purchases can also be made on Amazon. It offers you fantastic results you can feel almost immediately. Over a couple of years, ketone supplements have come to be a recognized way of supporting individuals on a ketogenic diet and working towards attaining a healthy level of ketosis. Ketone OS is a fantastic tool for making the most of a low-carb ketogenic.

Keto OS come in four different types

  • Keto OS Max Maui Punch
  • Keto OS Max Swiss Cacao
  • Keto OS 3.0 Chocolate Swirl
  • Keto OS 2.1 Orange Dream

Each have an option for either “charged” (having added caffeine) or caffeine free. Perfect Keto Base comes in two flavors: Chocolate Sea Salt and Peaches and Cream

Benefits And Uses Of Keto OS

  1. Fat loss-with its key ingredient as BHB, it works to control weight loss as it acts as a histone deacetylase inhibitor.
  2. Quick and sustained energy-its carbohydrate and MCT content serves to generate energy required.
  3. Minimizes brain fog-with Ketos OS mental alertness is guaranteed with the product’s rich ingredients such as caffeine and MCT powder.
  4. Raises awareness and focus-the supplement contains caffeine as one of its ingredient that serves to stimulate the body for mental awareness and focus.
  5. Suppresses appetite- With its natural appetite suppressants, hunger urge is greatly lowered and this is important for effective weight loss.
  6. Aids with abdominal fat loss-BHB as one of its active ingredients aids with abdominal fat loss.
  7. Gain of strength-MCT and amino acids are effective in strength gain
  8. Aids with inflammation- amino acids are effective in muscle vitality and muscle recovery.
  9. Better mood especially for those suffering from bipolar disorder through the presence of BHB as an active ingredient.
  10. Treatment of migraines-its rich ingredients; malic acid and amino acids are effective in the treatment of migraines.
  11. Improved levels of cholesterol in the body- made of natural ingredients, Ketos OS serves to improve your body levels of cholesterol.
  12. Better Digestion and Gut health-Malic acid as a Ketos OS ingredient is derived from plant foods, and it aids in digestion.
  13. Clear Skin-stevia effectively functions to nourish and clear the skin.


Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) – it is an acid that can be found in organs like the liver, heart, plus the brain. BHB acts as a histone deacetylase inhibitor. It is used to control weight loss, aid in reducing pain for those having fibromyalgia, and also heal muscle loss for those individuals with narcolepsy. Scientific research have proven that BHB in Ketogenic diet do promote weight loss.

Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) powder– MTC is derived from a certain class of fatty acids that offer the body with a direct energy source.

Malic acid– it is derived from plant foods, and it aids in digestion and minimizes tiredness.

Natural flavor– this is the flavoring of the Keto OS.

Amino acids – Research has confirmed that amino acids are effective in muscle vitality and muscle recovery.

Stevia – is a natural sweetener. Being a plant based with zero calories, it reduces your calorie intake and as such helps in weight loss.

Carbohydrates – the carbohydrates trigger the body into ketosis, a metabolic state. Here it is mobilizing the body fats as its chief source of energy.

Caffeine (optional) – it is an amazing constituent for mental alertness, weight loss, and productivity. It stimulates the body by occupying receptor in the brain (adenosine receptors). Research has indeed proved that caffeine promotes weight loss. A study conducted in 2005 at Maastricht University affirmed to this.

Inulin and Xanthan gum – these have low calories and glycemic index and can improve the body and mouthfeel.

Pruvit Keto Os Possible Side effects

The product is generally regarded as safe. A number of people have made use of it with no issues. However, a few rare side effects have been reported such as;

  • Headaches
  • Jittering
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea

In any case you are sensitive to caffeine you should select a non-caffeinated option.

Using Keto OS

When you take it through the afternoon, caffeine free Keto OS can be suitable. It is advisable that you begin with a half scoop of the OS when you are first beginning out. It will allow for effective absorption of the Keto OS and allow your body time to adjust to the new supplement. You should mix the Keto OS with water and ice, and sip it over half an hour. It can be mixed with milk (coconut and almond) or any other of your preference. The product is taken once or twice a day. For extra vitality, two servings a day is recommended. To learn more about the ketogenic diet and pruvit keto Os you can visit :

Pruvit Keto Os Conclusion

Keto OS is different as it offers you mental clarity, better memory, better mood, decreased inflammation, energy and much more. There have been positive comments about the Pruvit Keto OS. One client expressed “We have vitality. Our hunger that felt unquenchable are presently bated, and we feel magnificent. We were altogether designed for better, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, and we are excited to live it out with Pruvit.”

Can you Raise Funding for your Non-Profit with DS Domination?

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Much like hype and high-5s right before the real estate, internet or oil bubble burst, anything build on speculation and selling air to others, just isn’t a sustainable business model.

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Am I saying it’s impossible to make money? Of course not.

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Take a look and really ask yourself, can you even come close to replicating what they’re doing?

If the answer’s no, then stay the hell away from the MLM and network marketing industry.

If you check any of the following boxes:

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Last point: I get the temptation.

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But if I were to bet my long term online income on the fact that a $60b company like Amazon isn’t gonna wake up one morning and crush drop shippers like annoying flies, I’d probably lose my shirt.

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Am I saying it’s going to happen? No.

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A Better Way

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So what exactly are we even doing?

In a nutshell, we help local businesses (think your local plumber, electrician and limo driver) get more sales and business using the internet.

There’s actual value to what we’re selling here – think about it this way: if we can bring in an extra $10,000 to your local dentist per month (which is like, one crown filling patient or a couple of wisdom tooth extractions), it’s not a stretch to get the dentist to pay you $1,500.

It’s a business model built on rock and true value, where you actually have clients. You’re not selling health supplements, or fancy get rich quick opportunities, and hype and the ‘promise of a better life’ most MLMs do.

Just something to keep in mind if you are struggling to raise money for your non-profit. Hope you learned something.

6 Crucial Tips on Choosing a Bachelor Degree That You’ll Love

Writing this article today makes me wish I knew better when I was younger. Taking the perfect college course that you’ll love is like finding the top health supplement reviews, what others would say would matter, but at the end of the day, everything boils down to how it suits you.

At least one-fifth of a school’s population may not know what they would like to take on their first year, or semester. For others, this quest may take longer.

Because a college education is never cheap, we asked reputable college deans on six tips to share about choosing the bachelor’s degree that you would love.

1. Interests.

Learning where your deepest passions are can make you most successful and achieve more, especially in college and afterward.

Before enrolment, take career self-assessments. While reflecting on what your interests are, what you enjoy doing, and what you would rather have someone do for you whenever possible, these self-assessment resources should help.

Finding your areas of excellence may also help. Where you excel often tells you either what you are gifted to do or what you can do effortlessly. Knowing where you’re good at can easily translate to a successful career in the future when partnered with interest, and education.

2. Values.

Your personal beliefs also matter, especially when choosing the college course that can make or break your life after schooling. Narrowing these values down and matching them with degree courses allow you to make wiser decisions easier.

When you take up something that relates to the thinks you consider most valuable, you are more likely to excel while learning. This fact gives you a higher probability of taking the job that you want.

3. Trial And Error.

Some people wouldn’t know what they want unless they try things for themselves. This scheme applies even to a college education. Knowing which ones work for you is equally important as acknowledging which ones don’t. Try out introductory classes and have them as your electives. This way, you’ll be able to gauge which courses fit your interests.

Maximize your elective credits. Use them to learn about other things that capture your attention. Learn as much as you can, and use it to your advantage. It is more often than not that no single course will emancipate all your interests at once. Thus, take the leisure to explore things.

4. Assessments From Others

If you’re experiencing a difficult time deciding what you would like to take up in college, talk to people whom you believe know you best. Your closest friends, relatives, classmates, and teachers may not accurately tell you what suits you most; they may be able to give some peer assessments of who you are as a person and as a student.

You may seek their help and suggestions. They may be able to give you some light on things.

5. Check Specifications.

Before you even enroll yourself in a course, make sure you read available resources about its entirety – what major courses you would have to take, prerequisites to prepare yourself for, necessary course syllabus, and other specifications.

You would have to make an assessment early on and see if you can modify your schedule. You may have to scatter difficult subjects if possible and squeeze them with other disciplines you enjoy the most. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy each year of your studies without getting behind or stressed with the workload.

6. Your Future.

When picking up a course, remember it is all about your future and not what others would want for you. While there are still a lot of people who can become successful living their parents’ dreams instead of their own, that reality may not always apply to you.

If your top priority boils down to making your parents happy, then go for it. Just remember to use electives to your advantage, and to explore things that you enjoy most but do not come with the original course syllabus.

Whichever route you choose, don’t just take it out of pressure, even if there’s lots of it. Learn as much as you can, make friends, try your best to excel, and enjoy the opportunity. Consider tertiary education as a training ground for what your life would be like. Your future may result from your college education, though it should never dictate what happens in your life after school.

A Life-Changing Experience – How Studying in the United States May Change Your Life

img12The U.S. hosts more international students than any other country. The initial goal for most of these international students is usually getting a piece of the high-quality American education. However, most of them eventually realize that there are many more benefits of studying in the US than just the education; the experience opens up the door to numerous social, economic, and personal benefits and opportunities.

So, what exactly does one have to gain from studying in the United States? Here are three reasons why studying in the U.S. will change your life.

1. A Change of Perspective

Different countries have different ways of living, and the U.S. boasts of being one of the most industrialized and civilized countries. To this end, many international students find life in the U.S. to be very different from their home countries, but most eventually adapt and embrace the American way of life with significant benefits.

Learning and embracing the American culture will change your perspective on the society and make you more open and tolerant to other people. One of the beauties of the U.S. is that it is a mix of diverse cultures and personalities that challenge a limited view of life. It will also benefit your economically as the level of industrialization as well as the promotion of entrepreneurship will improve your perspective on doing business. At the end of it all, you will be another member of the free world with a wealth of education and American inspiration to make the most out of life both at home and abroad.

2. Learn the Language of the World

img3English has become the preferred language for international communication as it is not only widely spoken but also emanates from the two most influential continents: the U.S. and Europe. Knowing the language, therefore, opens one up to numerous opportunities.

Unfortunately, the language is not easy to learn especially for non-native English speakers, and most international students seeking to study in the U.S. often have only a basic understanding of the language when they first arrive. This, however, changes after several months spent communicating and socializing with the language’s custodians.

Studying in the US, hence, gives you the perfect opportunity to improve your English speaking skills to read, write, and speak it flawlessly. This, in turn, opens up a wealth of international business opportunities since, as mentioned, English is the language of business. Socializing also becomes much easier and fun as communication becomes flawless.

3. Better Career Opportunities

img2A good-quality education alone is sufficient to make you stand out from other job seekers. However, a good education coupled with international experience (in this case, experience living and learning in the U.S.) is simply unbeatable.

There are several reasons why studying in the US will open up not only more but also better career opportunities for you back at home. To start with, the U.S. education system is ranked as the best and most advanced in the world. Rather than teaching generally accepted concepts without a solid knowledge foundation, universities in the U.S. combine their lessons with research and good learning facilities to create the ideal learning environment. Additionally, adopting the U.S. way of life equips one with strengths such as being independent and a problem solver; these are values that create not only a good employee but also a potential leader.

There are also career opportunities available in the U.S. for international students. International students who clock in at least 9 months of learning and attain a degree can receive an Optional Practical Training permit that lets them work in the U.S. for at least one year; this also gets them one step closer to possibly becoming U.S. citizens if they desire to.


img19Studying in the US is a coveted experience by many foreign students, and rightly so because it changes lives for the better. It improves you personally and individually by making you mentally strong and open to the world. It also opens up doors to career opportunities back at home that would prove elusive otherwise. And, finally, it opens up the world to you by perfecting your English.

Many other life-changing benefits of learning in the US also abound. You could get to expand your circle of friends and business acquaintances or even find love; you never know.

Importance of Embracing Foreign Talent – What the U.S. has to Gain from Overseas Talent

img25There is no question about America’s greatness or its potential to be greater. Nevertheless, there is also no question about the excellence of other countries in diverse fields such as medicine, education, and technology, just to mention a few. Unfortunately, the self-centered view of some Americans prevents them from observing and recognizing the excellence of certain aspects of foreign countries and just how beneficial it can be for the U.S. to embrace some of the outstanding foreign talents.

As unfortunate as it is to admit, America’s greatness among the developed countries is slowly fading away; that is why some politicians garner so much support by proposing to “make America great again”. However, America cannot be great again without liaising with other countries. Here are some reasons why it is important to bring overseas talent to America.

Every Country has its Strengths and Shortcomings

img12America is indeed great, but it is not perfect. To this end, while the U.S. excels in certain areas such as technology, it also lags behind in areas such as health care when compared to other countries such as France. Now, while it helps to be proud of country, it does not help to ignore the fact that Americans may have something to gain by learning from foreign talent. For example, embracing France’s talent and expertise in the healthcare industry would benefit the wellness and wellbeing of numerous Americans.

Although individuals may not realize the truth in this, American businesses certainly do. American companies excel on the international stage because of, among other things, benchmarking on foreign competition and emulating some of their best practices.

A Fresh Perspective

img7Culture is one of the most influential factors that determine whether a country excels or not. For example, the U.S. excels in public expression because of its cultural belief on equality, freedom, and fundamental human rights. China, on the other hand, excels in mathematics and sciences because of its deep-rooted cultural belief in respect for teachers (teachers in China are regarded highly in society).

Unfortunately, America’s culture at times blinds it from identifying a better way of doing things. In most cases, Americans do not even realize it until they visit other countries or interact with foreigners. Although it is not plausible to shed certain aspects of the American culture, it is nevertheless possible to get a fresh perspective of doing things by embracing foreign talent.

Foreign talent will open American’s eyes to their shortcomings and unforeseen opportunities. And, considering the ingenuity of the numerous unique personalities in the U.S., you can be guaranteed that there will be a way to make something good out of such perspectives and opportunities.

Job Creation

img6One of the motivations behind the growing resentment toward foreigners in America is the idea that they steal job opportunities. This could not be further from the truth; in fact, foreigners working in America do not steal jobs but rather create more job opportunities.

Foreigners with exceptional talent who manage to land jobs in U.S. companies end up not only adding value to the company but also creating more job opportunities. Bill Gates observed this when he admitted that every foreign employee in his company required the support of about 4 more new employees. In most cases, these are home-grown employees who are needed to get the foreigner in line with the way of doing things in the company and country as a whole.

Additionally, not all talented foreigners end up on a company’s payroll; some foreigners put their talent to work using their entrepreneurship skills. This land of opportunity proves conducive for businesses, and when they eventually grow they demand more employees hence creating job opportunities. What’s more, some of the unique ideas conjured by foreigners fuel the ambitions and ideas of natives who also generate income from them.


Like many other developed countries, the U.S. needs a significant chunk of foreign labor to maintain a steady growth. However, to truly maintain its position on the global stage and overcome some of its shortcomings, it needs to understand and accept that other countries are also advancing and may have something to teach. The answer is not to lock out foreign talent, but rather to embrace it and put it to work enhancing the U.S.’s growth and development.

The 4 Most International Universities In the US

img14A university’s international status is the key to its success in the global rankings. The world’s top universities enroll intelligent and highly talented students globally. Furthermore, they work hand in hand with the best research firms across the globe in order to push beyond the limits of knowledge. This article will disclose to you the 4 most international universities in the US.

Criteria For Ranking.

According to The Times Higher Education world University Rankings, the three most vital performance indicators used to rank universities in the US include the proportion of international students admitted at the university each year; the number of the university’s research papers published with at least one author from another country and the size of international faculty. Here are the 4 most international universities in the United States based on the three indicators.

1. University of Southern California (USC)

University’s Motto: Let whoever earns the palm bear it.


USC was founded in 1880 on the money and land donations of John Gately Downey, Ozro Childs and Isaias Hellman. The university is located in Los Angeles, California. USC is the oldest private research institution in California. The University of Southern California has 21 colleges and schools, with approximately 40, 000 students enrolled in the 2012-13 academic year. The university offers close to 250 minors and majors, including professional programs.

University of Southern California has the highest number of Olympic medals (287= 135 gold, 87 silver and 65 bronze) compared to any University in the United States as of 2012. Additionally, the university has strong affiliations with 5 Nobel Prize winners. The School of Cinematic Arts, which is the largest and oldest film school in the US is the University’s most outstanding School. The school offers 6 degree programs. In the 2012-13 academic year, 9,840 international students were admitted to various academic and professional programs at the University.

2. University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign (UIUC)

University’s Motto: Learning and Labor


Originally known as Illinois Industrial University, UIUC was founded in 1867 with classes starting in March 1868. It is located in Urbana, Illinois. This university is one of the few universities in the United States with its own airport. The Willard airport is used for the university’s aviation research projects. It also hosts American Airline’s flights. The university has 17 schools, institutes and colleges.

The notable achievements of UIUC include 22 Pulitzer Prize winners, 25 Nobel Prize winners, scientists, leaders of international corporations, astronauts and several Olympic medalists. The university enrolled 9, 804 international students in the 2012-13 intake.

3. Purdue University.

Institution’s motto: Education, Research and Service.


This institution was flagged off in 1869 under the foundation of six-campus Purdue University system. The university is located in West Lafayette, Indiana. It was established with $150, 000 donation from entrepreneur John Purdue, plus other land and money donations. Its 10 colleges and schools offer over 200 undergraduate programs; more than 70 masters and doctoral programs, plus professional degrees in Veterinary medicine and pharmacy.

Landmark milestones of this international institution include being the first university to offer credit in aviation training; having the first university airport; having 23 Astronauts including Neil Armstrong as of 2012; having 13 Nobel Prize winners and 15, 000 United States patents. The university enrolled 9, 509 international students during the 2012-13 intake alone.

4. New York University (NYU)

University’s motto: To persevere and to Excel.


New York University is one of the oldest research institutions in the United states. The institution was founded in 1831 by Mordecai Manuel Noah and Gallatin. NYU is one of the largest private non-profit institutions of higher learning in the US. The university was elected to the Association of American Universities in the year 1950. The institution is located in six other centers within the city of New York, and in over 12 other sites worldwide. The university has 20 schools, institutes and colleges, plus campuses in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi.

Major achievements include 36 Nobel Prize winners; 30 Academy Awards; 16 Pulitzer Prizes and having more American students studying abroad than any other American university. In the 2012-13 academic year, the institution enrolled 9, 362 international students.

Final Verdict

According to the Institute of International Education, approximately 819, 644 international students came to study in the US in the academic year 2012-13. This is a 7 percent increase from the 2011-12 enrollment. Nearly 49 percent of all the international students admitted for the 2012-13 academic year came from India, China and South Korea. Concurrently, sixteen countries had an increase in the number of students enrolled into US universities in the academic year 2012-13 compared to the previous year’s enrollment.