Best hosting solution for non-profit organization websites?

Nowadays, almost every non-profit has a website, be it a small retail store or a multinational enterprise. However, there are some common issues that most businesses face when they first get their website hosted. Some problems are purely technical and require the help of an expert, while others are simple enough to be resolved by the user themselves. Although you can ask your hosting company to solve each and every issue for you, it would take them some time to get back to you even if the problem is small.

Here are the most common problems people encounter when hosting their website and how you can resolve them.

Issues Related to First Time Hosting

Your Website is Experiencing Downtime

There are various reasons for this to happen, the most common being that you recently made some changes to the website, which brought it down. It will take some time for the changes to be applied and it will eventually be resolved automatically, so be patient and if takes more than a day, contact your hosting service.

Moreover, it is possible that your DNS settings were changed somehow and they have not propagated through the system yet. It can take about 5-24 hours for the new settings to be applied on the website, so it is best to wait for a day, and if the problem still persists, then you can call the customer support of your web hosting service to look into it. There are also a number of network marketing companies that offer IT consulting.

Another reason can be that your hosting company is having some sort of technical problem and is experiencing downtime. It is best to contact the company to know what is happening and ask how long will it take for them to resolve the problem.

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